I teach flirting from the heart. This is about shining from your true self, and making real connections.

Flirting is an innate skill that we can see in both human and animal behaviour. Think of young children approaching each other, connecting through warm facial expressions and body language. Or puppies bounding up to each other using body posture and eye contact to invite play.

The key to flirting is the ability to create a warm invitational space, rather than an expectation or demand. When we are relaxed and open, it’s much easier to create connections in a more fluid, fluent way.

Flirting For Individuals

If you’ve been single for a while, it can be difficult to find the confidence to approach another person.

Research shows that not knowing how to flirt is the main reason behind ‘involuntary singlehood’.

You might struggle to signal your feelings in a way that can be read by others.

If you feel stressed about connecting, you may have stress hormones rushing through your system.

I’ll teach you how to slow down and build your confidence so that you can connect naturally and effortlessly.

Flirting For Couples

You might think that flirting is only for singles. But it is an important skill to keep up in relationships too!

When we first meet, we often can’t get enough of each other. The other person seems totally ideal!

As relationships develop we tend to lose the ability to play and flirting becomes a thing of the past. Once we commit, the partner becomes “family” and old patterns and layers of protection come up. There can be a loss of that sweet, connected space.

I can help you both find that bubble of love again, and nurture that loving spark. Rediscovering flirting can really lift a relationship and bring back the joy.

In flirting coaching and flirting workshops, I support you to connect to your sensuality so that you feel irresistible from the inside out. This transforms the way you interact with the world.

Flirting Coaching

I offer tailored sessions to individuals and couples on the art of flirting.

We can explore:

What people are saying

I went to Cate's flirting workshop with no idea what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised. Cate is a great host, she gave lots of insights into how we flirt, interact and communicate. It was really valuable and I would recommend this to anyone, even a natural born flirt will discover something about themselves or others, they may not have considered. The evening was fun filled with practical tips and exercises to help ease the barriers of engagement, which can be difficult for many.


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