Love Coaching and Psychosexual Therapy Working with Individuals

I create a warm, empathic and supportive space, which is confidential, client centred and non-judgemental working with your process and your pace. As a Coach and a Psychosexual Therapist I take you through a step-by-step process to explore what it is you are seeking.
Are you single when you would really like a partner? Do you feel that it is difficult to sustain relationships? Would you like a long-term committed romantic companion? Would you like more fulfilment in the areas of love and sex? Most people come to Love Coaching and Psychosexual Therapy when they are ready for a change and to bring a relationship into their life. This involves building a sense of safety and trust, working through the resistance and negative belief patterns and committing to having what you want.

Love Coaching

Just like you might book some help to get fit at the gym so a Love Coach can help you rebuild your relationship muscles. We look at your history so we can understand what has happened and what we might need to work on to help you shift into a new place. Then we would agree a plan together so that we can build a new template of love for you and support you to create the life you want. This may involve clearing negative self-beliefs and building positive self-concepts and a life that supports more joy and fun. I encourage people to build daily and weekly self-embodiment practices so that you can feel more connected to your body, your sexuality and your sense of confidence. The idea is that you can learn to love yourself as you are and so you can relate better when you meet new people. As you resolve conflicts within yourself you may find that other relationships in your life begin to also shift and change and that life can feel quite different.

Psychosexual Therapy

I am a qualified Psychosexual Therapist as well as a Love Coach. This means that I will also work with people who are struggling with an aspect of their sexual selves. This may mean that you will talk through what has been happening and I would create a plan to support you to feel more confident and more empowered sexually. We would work together to clear any sexual shame and negative feelings about you and create a plan to feel more empowered sexually. There may be some education and a sense of supporting you to learn more nourishing sexual behaviour and to enjoy making love.

I am very experienced with people who would like to become orgasmic and people who would like to find a partner.

I work on:

• Singles who want partners
• Developing communication skills
• Developing sexual experience
• Becoming orgasmic
• Porn addiction
• Low or lack of sexual desire
• Sexual shame
• Premature ejaculation
• Erectile dysfunction
• Vaginismus
• Dyspareunia
• Affairs
• Sexual identity
• Impact of religion on sexuality

Price £120/100 a session but happy to do £80/90 at this time or if you need more of a discount tell me.

Telephone 07974 341 545

I am a member of the Brighton and Hove Therapy Hub and you can see my profile here.