My meditations are to help you to connect with your heart and your dreams and your wishes.

Making a connection with your heart is like nurturing any other relationship.

If you can take some time to connect in with your heart and feel what your heart is saying to you, then you’ll begin to know your own truth and your purpose. You’ll be able to hear the whispers of your intuition.

Your heart is an amazing place, it is a gateway to your soul and a place of manifestation.

When you allow yourself to really come into your heart and start to heal any of the feelings that need releasing or healing, then you can also allow space for the magical energy of your heart.

When you hold your true wishes, clearly and gently in your heart, the universe will do all it can to help them come true.

All you then have to do is to notice and learn how to receive.

Many of us make wishes and when our dreams turn up we turn them away because we don’t know how to handle abundance or love.

So practise these meditations with the intention of learning how to connect with your heart, how to be loving and how to receive the most wonderful life.

You can access my Open Your Heart meditations on Spotify and check out my meditation podcast below.

Wishing you joy and love

Cate x

My meditation podcast

This is a podcast full of delightful, relaxing visualisations to help you with love, your heart, your embodiment, sexuality and relationships.

I have recorded meditations to help to open your heart, to support you to orgasm or to imagine relaxing on a date or to meet a partner.

I am a Sex and Relationship Therapist and my aim is to support you to feel good about you and your connection to you, your body and to others.

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