About Cate Mackenzie

Meet Cate Mackenzie (she/her)

I am a COSRT Accredited Sex and Relationship Therapist, Love Coach and Artist. I offer therapy, coaching and workshops to individuals and couples of any orientation or gender. My passion is supporting people to fall in love with themselves, with life and with others.

I have run workshops in France, Spain, Greece, Monaco, Kuwait and the UK since 1998. I was the dating coach for Channel 4’s 'The Undateables', a flirting coach on Channel 5's 'The Jeremy Vine Show' and a Sex Therapist on Channel 4's 'Kinky Britain'.

I’m regularly in the media, give advice in The Independent and have been featured in The Guardian, Red, Esquire, The Telegraph, BBC Radio, and Channel Five News among many others.

My heart paintings have been sold in 80 countries worldwide through IKEA.

Diversity and inclusion

I am committed to treating all people equally and with respect, whatever their gender expression/identity/reassignment, sexuality, relationship, age, religious/secular, racial or cultural background, age, ability/disability, wealth or status.

Once upon a time…

Before becoming a therapist, I was a life coach, workshop leader and community artist, teaching dance, drama, art, and coaching all over London, the UK and abroad. I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds, ages, sexualities, genders, orientations, social classes, races, cultures, abilities and ethnicities. I was inspired by people’s courage to show up, be vulnerable and express themselves. I learned that love and connection to other people is what really matters in life. This has led me to running workshops and coaching people on opening their hearts. I guide people back to a sense of loving themselves and from this place be able to connect with others.

How I work

I offer an integrative approach to working with people as I believe every individual or couple is unique, with different needs and wants.

I can help you create goals around communication, relationships and desires. I bring an understanding of attachment, sexuality and the body, as well as how to work with rupture and repair in relationship with the self or other. Together we explore how your body, mind and emotions can affect and influence your thoughts and behaviour. 

Therapy tends to focus on exploring and healing the past, while coaching supports you to achieve your future goals. Both are vital and I use a blend of the two.

Yes, this journey requires delving into the PAST. It’s a path of letting go, of releasing past pain and daring to be vulnerable again.

But it’s also about the FUTURE. Are you ready to create a life that you love? To listen to your inner wisdom and deepest longings? To love yourself in a bigger way? 

You may be afraid to take the next step, but if you can get the right support to move forward in the right way and time for you – an extraordinary and love-filled life awaits!

When you understand what beliefs, memories or parts of yourself are affecting you and what they need from you, it becomes possible to heal and integrate them. You can open up to new possibilities.

The key to happiness in life and relationships, is to find the willingness to build a connection to yourself, your wants and your needs. Once you are more aligned with your authentic desires and have created the support in your life that facilitates them, then you can actualise your goals in a step-by-step process.

Cate Mackenzie

My training

I am an accredited Psychosexual Therapist, and I bring an awareness of the body, sensuality and sexuality, to determine your unique needs and where you need support to make big shifts in your life.

As a qualified in Emotionally Focused Therapist (EFT by Dr Sue Johnson), I look at how each person’s attachment style affects the way they relate to themselves and others. With this understanding we create a sense of belonging that gives you the confidence to move forward and create the relationship and life that you long for.

Having trained in Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) Levels 1 through 3, I am equipped with specialised techniques to help individuals navigate and resolve deep-seated traumatic memories that may be influencing their current mental health and relational dynamics.

I'm trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy by Dr Richard Schwartz, and Intimacy From the Inside Out by Toni Herbine-Blank. These modalities acknowledge and work with the many inner parts that make up you. When you connect with what you (and your parts!) need, then you can feel more secure and steady in connection with yourself and others.

I use Encounter-Centred Couples’ Transformation Therapy (Bridging) by Hedy Schleifer based on the transformational work of Harville Hendrix. This work helps couples build a safe container to feel attachment to each other, and to be able to communicate from the heart.

I have studied Sensorimotor Therapy Level 1 which aligns attachment theory, embodiment, resourcing yourself and creating safety to overcome trauma or traumatic responses.

My therapeutic approach is influenced by Terry Real and Relational Life Therapy which is guided by tracking and data collecting, healing trauma and giving tools for creating good relationships.

I am also trained in Clean Language which I use to help people find their own inner resources, metaphors or embodiment to feel more empowered.

Professional memberships

I abide by the code of ethics and best practice of each of these professional memberships.

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