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My work is about love, the expression of love, and the process of opening up to love... and ultimately to the flow of life.

I have worked in community arts for many years teaching movement, drama and art, where I learned that what was most important was love and connection to other people.

I am devoted to learning about love and how to heal myself and others. 

Painting hearts for me is like saying a prayer. I joyfully open myself up to the energy of life to paint them and let them be created through me. They guide me and help me to remember that there is beauty and strength in being vulnerable and soft.

When I make the hearts I play music and I dance around the painting while throwing the paint. This is so the paintings capture a sense of movement and energy and openness. My intention is that people can feel a sense of movement and love when they look at them.

I hope the heart paintings put a smile on people’s faces and connect them to the love and creativity inside them.

My dream is to put hearts everywhere and spread the message of love. This is my path.


I take commissions to make pieces to honour a relationship, a marriage, a baby, child or person or as a symbol to bring love into your life.
For requests, contact me at: [email protected]

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