The story of Valentines

Cate Mackenzie

The story of Valentines is about a man who was in jail for his beliefs in his Christian God. This was in Roman times. The jailor asked this man to spend time with his daughter who was unable to see. Through their meetings she developed faith and a belief in something beyond herself and her sight was restored.

When I found out this story I felt deeply moved that the celebration of Valentines stemmed from the idea of unconditional love and giving care to others, no matter what is going on for us.

It also struck me that even though you might judge the jailor and the prisoner to be enemies, they grew love and trust together.

This story shows me that love is the only way. I ask myself, can I be gentle and compassionate to those around me? Can I give to the people close to me without expecting them to do as I wish? Can I learn how to be more loving?

This week someone close to me was having a hard time. Sometimes I can be judgemental and want to suggest a quick fix, but this week I chose to be as kind as I could. I told them that I saw them as a beautiful and caring person. I gave examples of what I saw in them and how they had helped others. I imagined holding them with love and light. I saw this person soften and melt in the lack of judgement and we had a lovely connection.

My passion is love and the heart. I am beginning to see that it is me who allows the love to be there and arrive. It is me who creates the negativity with a judgemental thought. (This is not to say that anyone should stay in situations that are not right for them.)

I am just realising that I have more capacity to be loving without expectations, and that is my wish around this time of year…

To be more loving, more open and more full of joy. Of course it helps me to hang out with friends, go to saunas and sea swimming, but I have been amazed how lovely it is to really be there for someone.

Happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are and however you are…

May you know how loveable and loved you are.

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