Navigating commitment issues

Commitment issues can pose a challenge, whether you’re single and looking for a relationship, dating, or in a relationship. Whether you are the one that has difficulty with commitment, or you are relating to someone with commitment issues, bringing awareness and understanding is key.


When people have hurt us and never apologised, it can be hard to overcome. But we can go on a process to allow ourselves to heal the hurt. We have the opportunity to do the work to release what has happened to us or what we have done to others.

What does it mean to experiment during sex?

People have different expectations, sensibilities and openness in terms of sexuality. If you’d like to experiment more during sex then here are some tips to have a conversation with your partner and get started.

Tips to feel sexy

22 ideas and inspiration for getting lit up and bringing more sexiness and sensuality into your life.

Top tips for getting over an ex

If you’ve had a difficult breakup, here are my top tips for letting go and moving on. If you are still pining over your ex, it’s important to a think about the 2-minute rule. You are allowed to think about them for two minutes and then STOP! If you do this regularly, it will help a lot.