The Love Coach

Create a life filled with love, pleasure and joy.

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The Love Coach

Create a life filled with love, pleasure and joy.

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Hi, I’m Cate. 

I’m a Love Coach, Sex and Relationship Therapist, Artist, and all-round lover of life. 

I help people build emotional and sexual confidence, help individuals find love and couples rediscover each other.  

I create a safe space where you can take the next steps towards happier, healthier relationships with yourself and others. 

Are you ready to connect with your heart, find your pleasure and create a life that you love?

My mission is to empower individuals and couples to live fully and love fiercely.

Cate Mackenzie

Relationships and sexuality are important areas of life that sometimes need extra love and attention. 

Do you want to learn to flirt and date with confidence and ease? Attract an epic relationship into your life? Find more fulfilment in love and sex?

Or are you in a relationship and would like support in navigating conflict and getting unstuck? Do you long for deeper connection with your partner? Do you want to uplevel your communication or re-ignite your sex life?

You may meet your own resistance on the way, but with a little courage, and with my support every step of the way, you may find yourself opening to a beauty and a love you never dared dream was possible. 

Together, we can do this.



  • Get connected to your body and sexuality
  • Become orgasmic and sexually empowered
  • Learn how to flirt like a pro
  • Magnetise a partner by discovering your inner radiance
  • Work through resistance and negative belief patterns
  • Rebuild your relationship muscles
  • Create a life that supports more pleasure, fun and self-care


  • Create a shared relationship vision 
  • Bring the spark back into your relationship
  • Learn profound communication tools to open up a whole new level of intimacy
  • Bring more playfulness into your relationship
  • Clean up the emotional space by hearing each other’s pain and finding forgiveness
  • Turn your relationship into a safe and supportive haven

Let’s get started

Work with me as an individual or a couple for a customised journey to make powerful changes in your life.

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Work with me as an individual or a couple for a customised journey to make powerful changes in your life. Learn More

Talks, in-person workshops and online courses on flirting, well-being, opening your heart, communication and more!

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What people are saying

"Cate's coaching and workshop have been life changing for me. Her focus is on enabling clients to deeply embody the qualities they need to embody in order to achieve their goals. In this respect I've found her approach almost unique and incredibly powerful. Cate is also a wonderful human being, supportive, positive and a great model for how to operate successfully in this world by harnessing the power of love."

Anna Meller

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About The Love Coach

Meet Cate Mackenzie (she/her)

I help people build emotional and sexual confidence, help individuals find love and couples rediscover each other.  

I have run workshops in six countries since 1998, I do monthly Facebook lives for Psychologies Magazine and I was the dating coach for Channel 4’s “The Undateables”. I’m regularly on the radio and in the press –

I’ve been featured in The Guardian, Red, Esquire, The Telegraph, BBC Radio, and Channel Five News among others. My heart paintings have been sold in 80 countries worldwide through IKEA.

Once upon a time…

Before becoming a therapist, I was a life coach, workshop leader and community artist, teaching dance, drama, art and coaching all over London, the UK and abroad. I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds, ages, sexualities, genders, orientations, social classes, races, cultures, abilities and ethnicities. I was inspired by people’s courage to show up, be vulnerable and express themselves. I learned that love and connection to other people is what really matters in life. This has led me to running workshops and coaching people on opening the heart.

How I work

I offer an integrative approach to working with people as I believe every individual or couple is unique, with different needs and wants.

I can help you create goals around communication, relationships and desires. I bring an understanding of attachment, sexuality and the body, as well as how to work with rupture and repair in relationship with the self or other. Together we explore how your body, mind and emotions can affect and influence your thoughts and behaviour. 

When you understand what beliefs, memories or parts of yourself are affecting you and what they need from you, it becomes possible to heal and integrate them. You can open up to new possibilities.

Therapy tends to focus on exploring and healing the past, while coaching supports you to achieve your future goals. Both are vital and I use a blend of the two.

Yes, this journey requires delving into the PAST. It’s a path of letting go, of releasing past pain and daring to be vulnerable again.

But it’s also about the FUTURE. Are you ready to create a life that you love? To listen to your inner wisdom and deepest longings? To love yourself in a bigger way? 

You may be afraid to take the next step, but if you can get the right support to move forward in the right way and time for you – an extraordinary and love-filled life awaits!

My training

As a certified Psychosexual Therapist, I bring an awareness of the body, sensuality and sexuality, to determine your unique needs and where you need support to make big shifts in your life.

I am qualified in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT by Dr Sue Johnson) which looks at how each person’s attachment style affects the way they relate to themselves and others. With this understanding we create a sense of belonging that gives you the confidence to move forward and create the relationship and life that you long for.

I am trained in Encounter-Centered Couples Therapy (Bridging) by Hedy Schleifer based on the transformational work of Harville Hendrix. This work helps couples build a safe container to feel attachment to each other and to be able to communicate from the heart.

I’m also inspired by Internal Family Systems Therapy by Dr Richard Schwartz and About Intimacy From the Inside Out by Toni Herbine-Blank, which acknowledge and work with the many inner parts that make up you. When you connect with what you (and your parts!) need to feel a greater sense of SELF, then you can feel more secure and steady in connection with yourself or others.

The key to happiness in life and relationships is the connection you have with yourself, your wants and your needs.

Professional memberships

I abide by the code of ethics and best practice of each of these professional memberships.

Why choose me


Most people come to Love Coaching, Flirting Coaching and Psychosexual Therapy when they are ready for big transformations in the areas of love, sex and relationships. This could be taking a current relationship to the next level, or calling your dream relationship into your life.

My individual sessions involve building a sense of safety and trust, working through the resistance and negative belief patterns, and committing to having what you want.

I create a warm, empathic and supportive space, which is confidential, client-centred, non-judgemental, whilst working with your process and at your pace. I take you through a step-by-step process to explore what you want to change.

I am trained in Internal Family Systems, Emotionally Focussed Therapy as well as Psychosexual Therapy. Together we will explore what is happening in your system around sex and relationships. This is about empowering you to create and choose the relationships you long for.

Love Coaching

You might work with a personal trainer to get fit. Love Coaching can help you rebuild your relationship muscles and boost your self-confidence.

We will look at your history, so we can understand what happened in the past, and what steps you can take to help get what you want.

We then agree on a plan to build a new love template. This may involve clearing negative self-beliefs and building positive self-concepts.

As you resolve conflicts within yourself, you may find that other relationships also begin to change and flow in a new way.

I encourage you to build self-embodiment practices so you can feel more connected to your body, your sexuality and your sense of confidence. Embracing more fun and joy, makes you more magnetic to other people.

We do this by addressing your attachment needs, any ruptures that need healing and a plan to support you to make dating fun and successful.

Flirting Coaching

Flirting Coaching is given as part of Flirting talks, dating courses and Love Coaching. It can be daunting, frustrating or downright scary navigating the world of dating. My flirting coaching sessions are designed to build your confidence in dating and connection, so it becomes easy, relaxed and FUN!

The art of flirting starts with tuning into your body and dialling up your natural magnetism. I will support you to step into your authentic, playful, loving self, so that you can interact with the world from this place. This will also involve looking at why your heart may have blocked love from your life, and ways to heal any issues that may be preventing you from connecting.

Psychosexual Therapy

Psychosexual therapy is a counselling modality to look at sexual themes in order to heal or clear any emotional or psychological issues. This is about normalising a person’s experience and supporting them to have more choice around their sex lives and relationships. Psychosexual therapy is a counselling therapy and people will be guided to also see their doctor, if need be, for any other guidance or checks to check if there is a physical or medical issue that needs addressing alongside therapy. It could be that someone has had a difficult experience that has affected their confidence sexually or in their relationship. It could be that a person has lost confidence around their attractiveness due to changes in their lives or their body. We would look at the whole picture around for example someone’s loss of desire, erectile issues or anorgasmia and work with the individual or the couple to restore their functioning.

In this way I would slow things down and explore the person’s needs and wants and to build a picture of sexual and relational health that is unique to them and fits their desires. This may involve exploring how they are being resourced in their lives, embodying exercises to support more connection to themselves and looking at ways to be regulated so that they can build self-esteem and confidence and step into a new sense of self.

I am a qualified Psychosexual Therapist and I’m trained to work with people who are struggling with an aspect of their sexual selves. Together, we explore the issue and create a plan to support you to feel more confident and more empowered sexually and relationally.

We work together to clear any sexual shame and negative feelings you have about yourself or being with others.

I can support you to transform the way you relate to your sexuality and to enjoy making love.

I am very experienced working with people who would like to become orgasmic and people who would like to find a partner.

I work with:

  • Singles who want partners
  • Building confidence and inner magnetism
  • Developing communication skills
  • Developing sexual experience
  • Becoming orgasmic
  • Porn addiction
  • Low or lack of sexual desire
  • Sexual shame
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginismus
  • Dyspareunia
  • Affairs
  • Sexual identity
  • Impact of religion on sexuality

What people are saying

Cate is a truly gifted and extraordinary facilitator who brings full-hearted commitment to everything she does. Her coaching sessions are absolutely life changing and magical experiences. She brings a depth of understanding which is grounded in years of therapeutic practice to her immensely supportive and trustworthy coaching style. Her unique magic, openness and creativity allow dreams to become reality. When Cate waves her magic wand, everything becomes possible! 🙂



Couples who decide to come for therapy often create big shifts in their relationship. It really can be the make or break of a relationship. Getting support to untangle yourself from your arguments and move deeper into love can make all the difference. Just as you would get an MOT for your car or a yearly check for your boiler it can make sense to help your relationship to work more smoothly.

Being in a relationship is a very unique experience and can provide deep awareness and growth for each person. It can be really helpful to see a therapist to help you deepen what you already have or clear up the pain that has built up.

I help couples develop better communication skills so that they can really hear each other’s pain, frustrations and resentments, and then begin a process of forgiveness. This can transform a relationship from gridlock into a safe and supportive haven.

A big part of this is to see the communication and relationship patterns you have co-created that prevent you from connecting as you might wish to.

I also teach couples the art of flirting [link to flirting coaching page] and how to bring back the spark into their connection.

I support couples to build the relationship that they dearly want through a series of deep communication techniques, embodiment practices, and a lot of fun and creativity.

How it works

I use a mixture of skills and methods to help you get your relationship back on track.


I work with Emotionally Focussed Couples’ Therapy by Dr Sue Johnson, Psychosexual Therapy,  Encounter-centred Couples’ Transformation Therapy based on the pioneering work of Hedy Schleifer from the Imago Relationship Therapy of Harville Hendrix, Internal Family Systems Therapy and Intimacy from the Inside Out by Toni Herbine-Blank as well as influences from play and embodiment practices such as Sensorimotor Therapy.


I take couples on a journey through a series of sessions where I teach them how to open the relational space, create a relationship vision and clear past hurts. I hope to help to create a loving attachment with each other so that they feel safe and in that safety all kinds of new adventures may open up.


We will track what happens in each of you when you are triggered what do you think, feel in your body and how do you act? And you will learn how to express your deepest feelings, needs and wants to each other. You will come away with new tools for navigating difficulties, together as a team.


Once the couple can learn how to reconnect, come back to presence and deeply hear each other, this opens up the connection, the sexuality and the love. We then may explore how embodiment practices may bring back a sense of play, love and intimacy.


We would book an initial session and then, if you choose to, commit to 6 sessions while outlining a journey forward. After six sessions we may then agree to go further. This would involve meeting for 1, 1 and a quarter hours or 2 hours weekly or every two weeks. There can be options to meet for longer intensive sessions of 4-6 hours or 2 day journeys if that suits.

I support couples with:

  • Sexual shame
  • Low or high desire issues or lack of sex
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Porn addiction
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Vaginismus
  • Dyspareunia
  • Creating a loving relationship
  • Bridging and other communication tools
  • Flirting
  • Affairs
  • Impact of loss/illness/stress on the relationship
  • Deciding to marry
  • Deciding to have children
  • Learning about sensuality
  • How to create an ending
  • Having a child 
  • Marriage counselling

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How it works

I teach flirting from the heart. This is about shining from your true self, and making real connections.

Flirting is an innate skill that we can see in both human and animal behaviour. Think of watching young children approaching each other, connecting through warm facial expressions, and body language, to explore friendship. Or puppies bounding up to each other using body posture and eye contact to invite play.

The key to allowing more flow in connection is the ability to create a warm invitational space, rather than an expectation or demand. When we are relaxed and open, it’s much easier to create connections in a more fluid, fluent way.

In flirting coaching we will look at how much fun and self-care you have in your life. I will guide you to connect to your sensuality so that you feel irresistible from the inside out. This transforms the way you interact with the world.

What we will do

  • Help you to reach out to people again.
  • Look at your relationship templates.
  • What do you want?
  • Overcoming blindspots in dating.
  • Simple outlines for dating.
  • Optional deeper work to heal attachment wounds.
  • Pleasure practices, what gives you pleasure? 
  • Flirting guidelines using body, tone, pace, and language.

Individuals: Research shows that not knowing how to flirt is the main reason behind ‘involuntary singlehood’. If you’ve been single for a while, it can be very difficult to find the confidence to approach another person. You might struggle to signal your feelings in a way that can be read by others. If you feel stressed about connecting, you may have stress hormones rushing through your system. I’ll teach you how to slow down and build your confidence so that you can connect naturally and effortlessly.

Couples: You might think that flirting is only for singles. But it is an important skill to keep up in relationships. At the beginning of relationships adult humans adopt techniques to attract another through body language, tone of voice, eye contact and facial expression. We invite exploration, we show our attraction, and we learn to play together. 

When we first meet, we often can’t get enough of each other. Looking, holding, talking, hanging out, dating, and generally reaching for each other. There is a window when the boundaries have been released, and the other person seems totally ideal. As relationships develop and life becomes more serious, we tend to lose the ability to play, and flirting becomes a thing of the past. Once we commit, the partner becomes “family”, and we judge them, and it is tempting to try to pursue or withdraw from the other in order to protect the relationship. As both people build more and more protection, there can be a loss of that sweet heart centred connected space. What I aim to do, is to help you both find that bubble of love again, and nurture that loving spark. Rediscovering flirting can really lift a relationship and bring back the joy.

I can teach you:

  • How to become magnetic and radiant
  • How to connect with your sensual self
  • The stages of flirting 
  • Good and bad ways of flirting
  • Where to hang out to flirt
  • How to make a connection with ease 
  • How to navigate the dating world and feel good about it
  • What to wear on dates

I offer tailored sessions to individuals and couples on the art of flirting. This would be an initial session and then a package of 6 sessions with a journey to build your confidence and ease in connecting with yourself and others.

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Simply send us an email anytime you want. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.