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The Art of Flirting!

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Have you ever wondered why you might be chasing or avoiding people or why some connections seem to go well and others can seem like a disaster?

Are you aware of your attachment style or how your nervous system may be affecting your relationships?

If you feel that your interactions with people are causing you some confusion then it might be useful to come to this talk. In the modern era we also wish to be respectful and honour consent so that may also impact some people from daring to say “hello”. Would you like to understand yourself a bit more and pick up some tips ?

In this workshop you will be guided to understand different flirting styles and how to become more playful, embodied and relaxed. You will be given ideas about how to get yourself regulated and calm so that you can think about beginning to reach out to others in a more confident and relaxed way. You will be guided how to communicate effectively.

Flirting is an innate skill that we can see in both human and animal behaviour. Think of young children approaching each other, connecting through warm facial expressions and body language. Or puppies bounding up to each other using body posture and eye contact to invite play. If you feel we cannot do this easily then there may be some repair needed and some ideas to build your confidence.

The key to flirting is the ability to create a warm invitational space, rather than an expectation or demand. When we are relaxed and open, it’s much easier to create connections in a more fluid, fluent way. This will be a workshop about how to open up this kind of space in you and then with the world around you.

There will be a space to open up at the beginning, processing at the end, dancing to open up the different flirting styles and guidance on becoming playful with body language and words.

About Cate Mackenzie

Cate Mackenzie is an Accredited Psychosexual Therapist, Couples Counsellor, Love Coach and workshop leader. She has run workshops in 6 countries, writes for inews, been the Dating Coach for Channel 4’s “The Undateables”, Flirting Coach for Channel Five’s “The Jeremy Vine Show” and Sex Therapist for Channel 4’s “Kinky Britain”. She gives talks and workshops for Seed Talks, Alternatives, Mind Body Spirit Festival and Soho House and offers private retreats for couples and groups. She also has a podcast on Spotify “Love, Pleasure and Joy” and a heart oracle deck of cards and book available on her website.

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23-11-2024 @ 14:00 to
23-11-2024 @ 18:00

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