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The Art of Embodied Flirting at the Mind Body Soul Experience

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Cate will be a presenter at the Mind Body Soul Experience which will take place at Alexandra Palace, London, 13-15 October.

Cate’s talk ‘The Art of Embodied Flirting’ will be on 13 October at 4.15pm.

About the Mind Body Soul Experience

The world is full of mysteries, amazing people, natural science and age-old wisdom. The Mind Body Soul Experience not only brings these elements together but adds a splash of excitement, a dousing of entertainment and more than a fair share of pampering. Covering complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development, the show is unique, helping you be the best you can be

Body positivity and self-care are the order of the day, being hugely important for everyone to embrace. The Mind Body Soul Experience is a happy, safe place where you can escape from the modern world for a few hours, listen to inspiring talks, celebrate you and meet like-minded people.

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About The Art of Embodied Flirting

When people are well and happy, they naturally flirt! They smile, look, make bids for connections, reach out their arms and ask for what they want or give something spontaneously. When they have had difficult or disappointing experiences, they may either push for connection or wall up and feel afraid to go towards others. When a person does not know how to be themselves and reach out and connect to someone else, they can adopt all kinds of strategies such as fawning, fleeing, fighting and co-dependent behaviour.

This talk will give guidance on flirting for life and how to flirt in all kinds of situations, from connecting to the postie to developing a friend, to noticing when someone is attracted to you and how to handle that (without friend zoning them). Sometimes people thinking that flirting is purely for sensual or sexual reasons. But I believe that good flirts flirt all the time. If you flirt as a daily practice then you get better and better at giving and receiving signals in a kind and compassionate way that is respectful to themselves and others.

You will learn about the seven stages of flirting from hello to the barista, to developing conversation, through to touch and sensuality. We will look at your attachment style and what you personally need to develop flirting (are you too avoidant or too keen and what to do about it). We will also explore consent and how you are managing your own boundaries and those of others.

We will bring awareness of the different parts that may come online around flirting like a sexy part, or a part of you that feels ashamed to reveal desire, or a part that didn’t feel attractive as a teen so can’t believe anyone would want you now. It can be important to get to know and embrace all these parts so that you can begin to love yourself just as you are.

Since body language, tone and pace are the huge keys to flirting, we will look at your nervous system and how regulated or activated you are. I will share some hacks to your nervous system to enable you to become calm and steady while addressing anxiety. We will also play with the art of engaging words.

Flirting is less about you being someone else, but rather learning how to run your own system well and finding your own inner confidence. Part of this may be exploring what it might look like or feel like to be a more confident and aligned you, and playing with that idea so that you can set off into the world to communicate and connect well.

Adding to this will be tips for daily engagement with your own fun and pleasure, tips to create a new mindset and tips to tap into your most fabulous you. Daily connecting with others regulates your brain and makes for a more secure attachment system for you and others so you just might be healing yourself and the world as you do this too.

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