Workshops & Talks

The Bridge Encounter

2 Nov – 7 Dec, Tuesday 19:30-22:00 UK time, online

This is a six-week online journey to learn a profoundly connecting framework for communication.

Bridging is a structure that leads you straight into the heart of what needs to be communicated and results in a deep sense of connection.

Cost: Individual £150 / £125 earlybird; Pair £190 / £150 earlybird 

Embodying Flirting

3 December 19.00-20.30 GMT, online

Embodying flirting is an essential life skill which warms up all your interactions and can help you to understand how to connect in a warm way. You will be taught the seven stages of flirting from affection and service to erotic and sexual and all that is in between.

Cost: £13

Flirt Coaching at Love School

22 Feb – 29 Mar 2022, Tuesdays 19.00-20.30 GMT, online

This is a six-week live online course to support you in opening up to your heart and your desires. We will explore how to flirt and be open to connecting in a light and playful way.

Cost: £150 / £130 earlybird