Cate’s radio shows

Cate Mackenzie

Cate on BBC Radio

BBC radio 5 live with
Dotun Adebayo and Roz Atkins



Jumok? Fashola show

Kath Melandri

with Kath Melandri presenting and Cate answering love questions on BBC radio London


Cate’s radio show “Love in the afternoon”

Ben Miller interview

ben miller

Ben talks about commitment to the creative journey and how being creative helps you let go.


Peter York

peter york

Peter York talks about branding and communicating your true self


Annabelle Apsion

Annabelle Apsion

Annabelle talks about love and Rosen Method Bodywork.


Family: how can we have good family relationships?

part 1: John L Payne talks about Family Constellation. Download

part 2: Liz talks about Al Anon family groups.

part 3: Amy Biddle talks about loving yourself.Download

part 4: Dr Helen Ford talks about handling family difficulties.

Your Free Gift – mini workshop podcast

from a radio interview on

Radio Verulam with Energy

To download: PC- Right click, select Save Target As… Mac- ctrl+click

To download: PC- Right click, select Save Target As… Mac- ctrl+click

Love Changes Everything – Cate at Talkshoe

Stewart Peace on Heart Sounds

Damian Nola on Spiritual Love Download

Michael Day on Soul Mate Love Download

Sabi Hilmi on Angellic Love Download

Cate’s radio show “Love in the afternoon” on

Jerry Hall interview

Jerry Hall Jerry Hall talks to Cate about her poetry, men, family life and what has inspired her spiritually.

part 1 Download

part 2 Download

part 3 Download

Susan Jeffers interview

susan jeffers


Love and Abundance

part 1: Simonette Vaja and self love.

part 2: Steve Nobel and abundanceDownload

part 4: Heather Andrews Dobbs on meetings a soul mate.Download

part 4: Suzanne Corbie on a balanced life.Download

Sex, masculine + feminine energy

part 1: Hannah Katz Jelfs on sex. Download

part 2: Charmian Redwood on soul mates.

part 3: Diane Riley on tantra. Download

part 4 Rita Hraiz on tantra and opening your heart. Download

Self love + self esteem

part 1: Cate talks about love

part 2: Judy Ledward, therapist, talks about self love.

part 3: Bernadette Vallely talks about healing yourself.

part 4: Annabelle Apsion talks about love and Rosen.


Cate interviews Peter York, Ben Miller,
Susan Jeffers and Steven Chandler.

part 1: Peter York and truth.Download

part 2: Ben Miller and creativity.Download

part 3 Susan Jeffers and daring to dream.Download

part 4 Steven Chandler and the story of you.Download

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