About Cate Mackenzie


I am a Love Coach, Psychosexual Therapist, Couples Counsellor and Artist. I have a deep knowledge of different models of psychotherapy, coaching, meditation and healing modalities and how they can combine to assist people to allow change in their lives. One of the keys of the work is the connection that is formed in the room with me. This is a place where you can practice being more open to yourself and to another and then use these skills elsewhere.

My background is in teaching dance and drama in community settings all over the UK and I bring a creative sense of story, metaphor and body awareness into my work. Working with people since 1993 from diverse backgrounds, ages, sexualities, genders, cultures and ethnicities has helped me to develop an understanding and a sensitivity to different needs and how to work with them. The path of relationships can be a very beautiful process and can magnify your own inner potential and awakening. Growth is not always easy but with some helpful facilitation you can be guided into a greater sense of yourself.

My coaching skills help people to create goals around communication, relationships and desires and my therapy training facilitates a deeper knowledge of attachment needs, sexuality and the body and how to work with ruptures in relationship with the self or other. I look at how the body, mind, brain and emotions can affect and influence someone’s thoughts and behaviours. Once you can understand what beliefs or memories have affected you then there is a possibility of working to heal and integrate them. When this begins then the channels can open to new possibilities.

This is about coming into a sense of love in a bigger way, of connecting with your journey and your purpose, who you really are and what you truly want as a person and/or as a couple. It is about becoming present and listening to your inner wisdom – and through this connecting to your own flow. This is a journey of letting go, of releasing past pain and daring to be vulnerable once more. You may meet your own resistance on the way and you may be afraid to take the next step. But if you can dare to keep going through your defences (in the right way and time for you) you may find you have opened to a beauty and a love you never dared dream was possible.

I have worked for many organizations including The Grove, Models 1, Skyros, Benefit, MIND, The Bromley By Bow Centre, The Recovery Centre, The Camden Society, The Barons Court Project, Evolve Wellness Centre, Scarlet Ladies and Soho House and I have a private practice seeing individuals and couples in Chelsea. Monthly I have written a love and relationships column in Spirit and Destiny Magazine and run flirting class with Indytute. I am the Flirt Coach for Benefit the cosmetics brand and The Dating Coach for Channel 4’s “The Undateables” and I have been featured in The Guardian, Red Magazine, Esquire Magazine, The Telegraph, BBC Radio, Channel Five News, RTE2 among others.

Professional Memberships

Registered Member of BACPRegistered Member of BACP

I abide by the code of ethics and best practice of each of these professional memberships.


Advanced Diploma in Couple Counselling

Certificate in Transformative Couples Therapy (developed by Hedy Schleiffer)

Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy

NCFE Diploma in Performance Coaching

Life Coaching Certificate and Edexcel Level 3 BTEC

Person-centred Counselling Certificate


Energetic NLP Levels 1-4 with Art Giser

Christopher Milbank Reflective Repatterning

Rosen Method Bodywork Therapy

Person centred Expressive Therapy training level 2

Forum Theatre (Augusto Boal)

Dance with the Moving Centre (Ritual, Patterns in the Sand, Heartbeat)

7307 Teacher Training

Drama Foundation

Art Foundation

Community Arts Certificate

Embodied Coaching with Paul Linden


PACE LGBT+ inclusion training course for mainstream relationship service providers

Transformative Therapy for Couples with Hedy and Yumi

Tantric Massage Heaven on Earth Eros

Jabadeo dance (dance for older people)

David Schnarch (Crucible Therapy)

Joan Lashkar (the narcissistic/borderline couple)

Diamond Light Tantra with Leora Lightwoman

Helen Ford (anger, masculininty and femininity)

Barbara Carrellas Urban Tantra

Mahasatvaa Ma Ananda Sarita Tantra

Jewels Wingfield Couples Tantra