About Cate Mackenzie

As a COSRT Accredited  Psychosexual therapist and Couples Counsellor, I aim to create a space where you feel safe to take the next steps towards happier, healthier relationships with yourself, your partner and others. 

Before becoming a therapist, I was a Life Coach, workshop leader and Community Artist, teaching dance, drama and Coaching all over London, the UK and abroad. I worked with people from diverse backgrounds, ages, sexualities, genders, orientations, social classes, races, cultures, abilities and ethnicities. I was inspired by people’s courage to show up, be vulnerable and express themselves. These experiences brought a creative sense of story, metaphor and body awareness into my work, and continues to inform my practice with clients today.

I offer an integrative approach to working with people as I believe every individual or couple is unique and has different needs and wants. I am a qualified Psychosexual Therapist and so I bring an awareness of the body, sensuality and sexuality and the unique needs of individuals and pairs in terms of their body and their cycles and where they might want support. I am qualified in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT/Attachment Theory by Dr Sue Johnson) which looks at how each person’s attachment style affects them relating to themselves and others. This helps me to assist person or a couple to create a sense of belonging that makes them feel confident to move forward and I am trained in Encounter based therapy (Bridging) by Hedy Schleifer based on the scripts from Harville Hendrix. This work helps couples build a safe container to feel attachment to each other and to be able to communicate from the heart. Plus I am trained in Internal Family Systems Therapy Level 1 (Dr Richard Schwartz) and  Intimacy From the Inside Out (Toni Herbine-Blank) which is internal family systems for couples. This helps me to support each person to connect with what they need to feel a greater sense of SELF so that they can feel more secure and steady in connection with themselves and others.  One of the keys to the work is this connection with yourself. I hope that with this you can practice being more open to yourself, to what you need and want and how to negotiate this with you and your life.

My coaching skills help people create goals around communication, relationships and desires.  My therapy training enables a deeper knowledge of attachment, sexuality and the body and how to work with rupture and repair in relationship with the self or other. I look at how the body, mind, brain and emotions can affect and influence your thoughts and behaviour. When you understand what beliefs, memories or parts are affecting you and what they need from you it becomes possible to work to heal and integrate them. With this, you can open channels to new possibilities.

This is about loving yourself in a bigger way, connecting with your journey and your purpose, who you really are and what you truly want as a person and/or as a couple. Becoming present, listening to your inner wisdom, and through this connecting to your own flow, this is a journey of letting go, of releasing past pain and daring to be vulnerable again. You may meet your own resistance on the way and be afraid to take the next step, but if you can give yourself the space and the compassion to connect to all your parts – in the right way and time for you – you may find yourself opening to a beauty and a love you never dared dream was possible.

I have worked for many organisations including The Grove, Models 1, Skyros, Benefit, MIND, The Bromley By Bow Centre, The Recovery Centre, The Camden Society, The How To Academy, The Barons Court Project, Evolve Wellness Centre, Alternatives, The College of Psychic Studies, Psychologies Magazine, Mind Body Spirit Festival and Soho House. I was The Dating Coach for Channel 4’s The Undateables and I have been featured in The GuardianRedEsquireThe Telegraph, BBC Radio, Channel Five News and RTE2 among others.

I have given monthly Facebook lives for Psychologies Magazine, run workshops and talks on dating and relating and I interview people about well being on my podcast and my You Tube site.

Professional Memberships

Registered Member of BACP

I abide by the code of ethics and best practice of each of these professional memberships.


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Trauma Themes (SPI Level 1)

Internal Family Systems Levels 1, 2, 3

Intimacy from the Inside Out (Internal Family Systems for Couples IFS)

Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Couple Counselling

Externship in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy Core Skills Training

Certificate in Transformative Couples Therapy (developed by Hedy Schleifer from Harville Hendrix work)

Postgraduate Diploma in Integrative Psychosexual Therapy

Level 2 Certificate in understanding Autism (QCF)

Diploma in Hypnotherapy

NCFE Diploma in Performance Coaching

Life Coaching Certificate and Edexcel Level 3 BTEC

Person-centred Counselling Certificate


Sexuality through the IFS lens with Patricia Rich

Exploring and understanding Gender, Sex and Relationship Diversity Training with Jake Yearsley with SARB

A matter of life and death with Irvin Yalom

Somatic IFS with Susan McConnell

Energetic NLP Levels 1-4 with Art Giser

Christopher Milbank Reflective Repatterning

Rosen Method Bodywork Therapy

Person centred Expressive Therapy training level 2

Forum Theatre (Augusto Boal)

7307 Teacher Training

Drama Foundation

Art Foundation

Community Arts Certificate

Embodied Coaching with Paul Linden


Shame and IFS Derek Scott

Seminars with BSSM

PACE LGBT+ inclusion training course for mainstream relationship service providers

Transformative Therapy for Couples with Hedy and Yumi

Presentation training with Hedy Schliefer

David Schnarch (Crucible Therapy)

Joan Lashkar (the narcissistic/borderline couple)