Testimonials for Workshops with Cate Mackenzie

?I hadn?t been in a relationship for some time and was dragged along to Cate?s workshop by a friend. I didn?t really think it would be my kind of thing as, although I feel I?m quite an open person, I found opening up in front of others very difficult. We had to choose and talk about objects to represent our hopes and dreams and even dance across the room in front of other people. But Cate is incredibly optimistic and she really cares, so I felt supported and encouraged by her throughout the course.
Afterwards both my friend and I felt liberated but a little strange, and I was due to go away on holiday travelling around the States by myself. I thought about the things I?d learnt on the course especially the idea of opening up to new experiences. The day I got back, only two weeks later, I went for a drink with the same friend- and I met someone!
He was different to my usual type and so much better for me. I?d normally go for larger than life, charismatic men who always turned out to be selfish. But two years later he still treats me like a princess and he makes the ordinary extraordinary. I?m just glad I tried Cate?s course. Opening up to something really changed my life.?

Louise, BBC Producer

?I had never had the courage to do any thing like this before. I wanted a break from the destructive relationship I was in and the dead end job I was doing and I wanted to do a self development course and I chose to do ?Letting love in? with Cate in Spain. After the course I felt I had the confidence and the motivation to change my life around. I needed to leave a destructive marriage, sell my home, buy a new home and get a job and within a month of leaving the workshop I had a new house, a job and a new life. The course made me feel empowered and I was able to take the steps I needed to take and move through the fear and two years on I am still moving on pushing the boundaries two years on. I have been on BBC Radio Manchester Manchester, a talk at The Mechanics Hall in Manchester because I am a spokesperson for the Davis Dyslexia Correcetion Programme and am doing a diploma in Councelling. I am doing an outward bound course in April. I did a computor course for my job. I now go to wedding receptions and go up to people and say ?I am Sue who are you?. Life is brilliant. I never know what?s coming up around the corner but I am open and tremendously excited about life. I just say bring it on! I now realise problems are opportunities and gives me the opportunity to spread my wings and fly somewhere else. Sometimes I have niggles in the night but I dismiss them knowing that I?ve got this far and feel that I am at the beginning of life. I have this huge faith that there is a new door waiting for me to walk through. And before I came on the course I was dying and I was a doormat and a mouse and now the world is my oyster. You have to believe in yourself and it will happen. I now use the words I can and I will.?

Sue Eaton, Administrator at Victim Support and Witness Service in Salford aged 63

?I had already met my partner when I did Cate?s workshop but was living apart from him after yet another break up! We had so many problems I wouldn?t know where to start. One of my main issues was learning how to please myself and with Cate worked on saying ?Yes? and saying ?No?. ?Yes? was easy- I realised my whole life had made me conditioned into saying it. I said ?Yes? all the time with my partner when I really meant?No?. When it came to working on saying ?No? I got a shock. The words refused to come out and I was almost in tears. Cate?s workshop released a blockage within me. I learned to stand up for what I want. My partner and I are back together now and everything is so different. I work to please him but more importantly I can now please myself. I can still feel the strength and power I felt through Cate.?

Tracey Beany, mental health worker aged 44

?The workshop allows a group to come together in a grounded environment. The exercises take participants to a place of self-discovery, understanding and an ability to start the processes of achieving our goals on our paths.?

Des O?Shaughnessy, Health Worker

?A chance to be expressive in a safe, nurturing environment.?

Tom, Doctor

?When I first went to Cate?s workshop, I was a bit apprehensive about what I would achieve I needn?t have worried as it?s a workshop that helps you to go back to how you would feel without any restrictions we put upon ourselves in todays society. I felt reborn and totally at peace with myself. It made me feel that I am as important in the human race as any other man or woman. I would totally recommend this workshop to anybody needing spiritual growth or healing of any kind.?

Karen Collins, Barons Court Project

?I met Cate at Cortijo Romero in Spain, when she was leading a workshop called ?Letting Love in?. Having just finished an MBA I was very conscious of working from my head most of the time and I think that all that logical thought made me pretty closed emotionally? without even realising it. I?d also just decided to launch a business with my brother and desperately wanted to get my head and heart aligned. Cate helped me to banish some nasty demons and finally appreciate that you don?t have to be open all the time- real power comes from opening and closing your heart depending on people and circumstances.?

Bhauna Patel, director of spa momitjitree.com

?Cate has a warmth, vitality and cheeky intelligence that I haven?t experienced in a long time. Seek her out it?ll rub off!?

Mina, Publisher

?I like this workshop because it helps people change their way of thinking about themselves, their lives and where the are going. You give them the confidence to achieve these things. You make people think anything is possible!?

Tereza Harding, workshop leader

?Cate has an infectious, determined and authentic positivity. Her open-hearted and gentle guidance creates a space that allows for profound transformation and opening.?

Eliza Kenyon Workshop Leader

?Cate is an inspiring and supportive group leader. I will never forget this workshop because it re-connected me with my heart?s desires.?

Claire, Business Woman

?Amazing capacity to help people take risks, as she does too. Thank you.?

Ranju, Manager

?A wonderful course. I left feeling energised and ready to let love back into my life.?

Jennyfer Baylis, Journalist

?Exciting, energising, expanding, nurturing, supportive, enjoyable, challenging and getting in touch with ?me? as a being.?


?This workshop is better than sex. True enlightenment to the one thing that matters- love.?

A Shaw, Art Teacher

?Cate exudes so much natural energy you can?t help but feel that any wishes you have stand a pretty good chance of coming true, just because she says they might?

Prediction Magazine

?Cate is a force of nature. She helps people become receptive to all things nice?

Peter York

?Cate is an amazing workshop leader?

Steve Nobel, Director ?Alternatives?, St James Piccadilly

?Cate?s work feels light and playful while resonating deep in the subconscious?

Sharon Adams, Director of the Mind Body Spirit Festival

?Cate puts you totally at ease?

Annabelle Apsion, Actress

?Thank you for a magical, loving workshop. You really helped to heal my heart and my life.?

Carina Coen mercarina.com

?I loved Cate?s style, she is so beautiful and holding and so funny. I have laughed and cried and thoroughly enjoyed the course. She really allowed us to be ourselves-fab.?

Karen, Teacher

?Cate the great inspires and frees all those who are lucky enough to pass through her workshop.?

Anna Polydorou, Actress

?Cate really is a wonderful love angel and I feel truly open to let love in.?

Chantal Hintze, student

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