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Cate's Story

The home I grew up in was full of parties, dancing and creative people - writers, designers, artists, actors, journalists and musicians. I was also brought up as a Catholic and this gave me a very strong faith, which was wonderfully supportive, and I always felt surrounded by love and looked after even through difficult times.

As a teenager if you had asked me what I wanted to do I would have said, “I would like to be a fairy Godmother who makes people’s dreams come true”. I had no idea that there was a job in this! But the universe works in mysterious ways and I was guided to study a course which has brought me to where I am.

cate as a child My sisters and me in Wales, the land of my mother.

After A levels I went to study Community Arts in Manchester. This was a course which offered training in how to use the arts (music, art, drama, dance, writing) to run workshops with different groups and facilitate them to express themselves and build their confidence. If I could have designed a career this would have been it. I felt as if I had found my truth and purpose.

From 1993 I started working with groups teaching movement, drama, art, writing and music. I worked with ex-offenders, women’s groups, people with disabilities and mental health problems, older people and children. I found it incredibly moving, stretching and heart opening - I had not been aware that my heart had been half closed. I knew that I had found a path in which I could grow and learn how to open my heart again.

I had been doing my own personal therapy and I continue to do so in order to support my ongoing growth. I have also trained in Life Coaching (Diploma in Life Coaching and Performance Coaching), Person Centred Expressive Therapy, Forum Theatre (how to use blocks to move through difficulties in drama), Jabadeo Dance for Older People, NSPCC Creative Counselling and other counselling approaches and Five Rhythms dance. I have attended courses with Helen Ford (understanding the power of anger, healing the masculine and the feminine) and Silke Zhiel (bodywork and the heart), training in Rosen Bodywork Therapy and Psychosexual Therapy training.

In 1998 I felt that there were perhaps other people like me who had shut their hearts down at some point in their lives and were not sure how to open them again. I felt a pull to put on courses for these people and started in 1998 to teach my “Open Your Heart” workshops. I was surprised and encouraged by the response.

After I started teaching I pursued an Art Foundation course. This lead me to paint my heart paintings. My teaching, my coaching and my painting continue to help me grow. I now work for many organisations in the UK and abroad, have been on radio, in magazines and on TV and I have a loving positive relationship with my partner and my family.

Cate's Story

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I believe that what people really want in their lives is often very simple and can be summed up in three words: happiness, love and purpose. I believe when you open your heart it will reveal to you what really makes you happy and what your purpose is. And as you follow this path you will become open to love and allowing people into your life.

Your dreams are like babies. If you can take the time to nurture them they have the possibility of growing and becoming powerful and true. The only difference between those that ‘make it’ and those that don’t is that the former don’t give up. As a dear friend said, it is often a twelve-year overnight success! If you can stick to your dreams, great things will come to you.

The other key is timing. The reason why it takes time to achieve all your dreams is that you need to become ready to receive or allow them to flow. Sometimes if you are given too much too early on it can be pressurising - or you can reject possibilities out of fear.

If you can truly find what supports you to “Go for it” then I believe you can achieve your dreams. Find out what helps you feel good, do more of it, make a list of your top dreams and steps to get them and make a step every day towards them. You may be amazed what happens.

Love Cate

Cate and her sisters and mumCate with mother and sisters


cate and sistersCate with mother and sisters


Cate dad and mumCate with father and mother

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